School Empowerment Network works with LEAs to improve school performance by offering building- and district-level diagnostics and evaluations,  school design and redesign support, and assistance building robust leadership pipelines.  Since its launch in 2015, SEN has brought its services to partners as diverse as the Texas Education Agency, the UP Education Network in Boston, Massachusetts, and the Detroit Children’s Fund in Detroit, Michigan.  Prior to starting the organization, CEO Alex Shub and founding members of SEN engineered the launch of 124 new schools in New York City — part of an initiative that the education and social policy research organization, MDRC, has found to have significantly increased high school graduation and college enrollment rates for disadvantaged students of color.  In addition, SEN Executive Director, Carolyn Yaffe, previously led the Office of School Quality and oversaw Quality Reviews for NYC’s 1700 schools. Today, SEN shares its expertise with school systems around the country, spearheading the implementation of school improvement efforts that produce dramatic gains for underserved students.

Executive Leadership

Alex Shub (Chief Executive Officer)

Alex Shub has 20+ years of experience working with school districts and communities on school design, talent development, and coaching of new principals. Alex was the founding principal of Essex Street Academy, one of the top-performing high schools opened as part of the recent turnaround efforts in NYC. Alex then served as executive director of the Office of New Schools at the NYCDOE, where he led the identification, selection, and development of new school principals for 120 new schools in NYC. Following his tenure with the DOE, Alex founded and developed School Empowerment Network (SEN), to bring the successful practices developed in New York to the charter sector and to other districts around the country.

Carolyn yaffe (Executive Director)

Carolyn Yaffe spent 17 years with the NYCDOE; highlights of her tenure include serving as executive director for school quality and as the founding principal of the Academy for Young Writers, a 6-12 school located in East New York, Brooklyn. In her time as executive director for school quality, she oversaw qualitative school evaluation and principal practice observation across 1,700 schools. Under her leadership as principal of the Academy for Young Writers, the school’s graduation and college acceptance rates were above 90%. Most recently, Carolyn has served as an educational consultant, working to support district, school, and leadership quality nationally. She began her career teaching high school English Language Arts in the Bronx. Carolyn holds an undergraduate degree from Boston University, an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Maryland, and a degree in educational administration from Baruch College. 


ryan Schetelick (Executive Director)

As a teacher in NYC, a school director and principal in the South Bronx, and a leadership and literacy consultant in Newark, Ryan Schetelick has been committed to increasing student achievement through structured, systematic work with stakeholders at every level. Most recently, Ryan served as a talent coach for TNTP where he helped to revise and implement TNTP’s leadership program. Prior to TNTP, Ryan worked at the NYCDOE in the Office of New Schools. Ryan has a BA in English from Amherst College, an MA in teaching English, an MEd in curriculum and teaching, and is in the final throes of earning his EdD in curriculum and teaching, all from Columbia University Teachers College.

Eduardo Contreras (Chief Operating Officer)

Eduardo Contreras has more than 10 years of experience managing program and administrative operations within large government agencies, as well as within nonprofit organizations in the US and Mexico. Most recently, Eduardo served as chief operating officer for NYCDOE’s Division of Portfolio Planning, managing a budget of $1B+ and supervising finance, human resources, procurement, and special projects teams. Eduardo received an MBA from Yale University.

Program Directors

Kate Callaghan (Program Director)

Kate Callaghan began her career as a biology teacher at one of the first small schools in the South Bronx. She then became the assistant principal and principal at the Bronx Leadership Academy II, where she developed a comprehensive teacher performance management system including mid-year reviews and teacher coaching. In addition, she led the school through a transition to standards-based grading, and implemented curriculum and strategies to build a growth mindset in students and teachers. Kate holds a BA in environmental science and public policy from Harvard University and an MA from Bank Street College of Education. 

Rolandria Justice (Program Director)

Rolandria Justice started her career in education as a middle school English and science teacher in Newark, NJ. After years in the classroom, Rolandria moved on to work as a school administrator supporting the development of positive school culture and systems to increase achievement in schools in Harlem and Brooklyn. She then became the founding principal of a charter school in New Bedford, Massachusetts, where she oversaw, trained, and evaluated lead and associate teachers and led new curriculum development. Most recently, Rolandria worked as an instructional coach for Turnaround for Children, where she facilitated teacher growth through a variety of coaching supports, including classroom observation, descriptive feedback, co-planning, and modeling of lessons.

Adam Paredes (Program Director)

Adam Paredes, LMSW, has more than 11 years of experience in public education, serving as a school social worker, dean of students, and restorative justice coordinator.  With prior work experience in early childhood trauma and adolescent emotional and behavioral disorders, Adam helped three small high schools in New York City successfully implement restorative practices in building healthier school cultures and strengthening student-teacher bonds. Before joining SEN, Adam served as director of high school admissions for NYCDOE’s Office of Student Enrollment, supporting high school principals with enrollment training, recruitment, and family engagement. Adam holds a BS in human services from St. John’s University and an MSW from New York University.