Why School Quality Reviews?

School Empowerment Network (SEN)’s School Quality Review (SQR) services provide local education agencies with a clear, rigorous, and research-based picture of their schools’ academic, cultural, and operational health. As both formative and summative tools, SQRs position school systems for successful school improvement initiatives. 

What sets SEN apart?

SEN’s School Quality Review process and training are designed by the former leader of New York City’s Office of School Quality, which oversaw reviews across NYC’s 1,700 schools

  • SEN’s reviewers are former high-performing school leaders who have led schools in a turnaround context; this first-hand experience uniquely qualifies the SEN review team to deliver accurate ratings and provide insightful, useful, and prioritized feedback

  • SEN’s research-based rubric identifies and describes the 10 highest- leverage components of school quality

  • SEN offers  a suite of school improvement services  for schools who desire additional support

District and network leaders use SQRs to:

  • Establish a roadmap to a shared understanding of school quality within a school building or across a school system

  • Identify the highest-leverage action steps for putting schools on track for improvement--both by capitalizing on school strengths and developing action plans for areas of focus

  • Analyze multiple schools’ strengths, weaknesses, and overall quality relative to one another

  • Provide detailed snapshots of school quality before and after an intervention

  • Provide a common language with which to evaluate school progress

  • Prioritize professional learning and the allocation of support and resources


At the onset of the School Quality Review process, SEN engages with district/network leadership to assess client needs and to tailor a process that focuses on one or more of the following SQR types:

  • Diagnostic Reviews to inform strategic planning and school improvement processes

  • Evaluative Reviews to provide ratings that factor into a  school performance framework

  • Monitoring Reviews to assess implementation of grants or school improvement efforts

Our SQR Rubric

The SEN School Quality Review rubric is comprised of 10 indicators organized into three quality categories.  The indicators of quality for curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment are grounded in the theory of action that student  learning improves when the relationship between student, teacher, and content – the instructional core – is improved. The theory of action further stipulates that efforts to improve the instructional core are either supported or hindered by the quality of school culture and structures and systems for improvement.



SEN provides SQRs both as a standalone service or as part of broader engagements with school systems. Contact Carolyn Yaffe at Carolyn.Yaffe@SchoolEmpowermentNetwork.org to learn how our services can support student achievement and organizational health.