School Model Development

SEN’s engagements are designed to address our partners’ particular needs. Many of our engagements include the following program elements:

Planning Support

Senior SEN coaches work closely with district leaders to assess needs and context; establish timelines; begin the process of engaging the local community; design program parameters; secure key agreements; finalize materials for recruiting and selecting new principal trainees; and tailor the program curriculum to district needs.

Leader Recruitment and Selection

SEN’s rigorous, multi-stage process for recruiting and selecting emerging leaders to participate in its trainings begins with a choreographed announcement, open houses, and other information sessions. Potential participants are evaluated in partnership with district leaders with a rubric that surfaces key instructional, cultural, and personal leadership competencies for overseeing powerful school interventions.

Leadership and Design Institute (LDI)

The centerpiece of many SEN partnerships, the LDI is an intensive experience for training emerging leaders to lead transformed schools. LDI participants learn through both coursework and job-embedded coaching to create cultures of high expectations that result in dramatically improved student outcomes. Recruited from within or outside the district, participants are guided through a process of developing a strong vision for school design and a site-specific plan to actualize that vision.

School Launch and Post-Opening Support

SEN continues working with districts to ensure successful school launches, maintaining coaching support through the first year of school operation. Continuity of coaching is critical to help leaders actualize the vision they developed during the planning phase, identifying and celebrating small wins to support positive momentum in the developing school community. During this period, SEN helps build the capacity of the district’s central office to gradually transfer ownership of programs.

Read more about our school design work in Detroit in our 2016-17 Impact Report.