The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan (EAA)


The Education Achievement Authority of Michigan (EAA) is a public system of schools whose mission is to turn the lowest performing schools in Michigan into the highest performing schools through people development, proven instructional strategies, and seamless operations.

At the EAA, School Empowerment Network is leading the design and implementation of teacher development pathways as well as an Achievement Leadership Institute (ALI) to prepare the next cohort of school administrators. As teachers build a track record of success in EAA schools, they have opportunities to reach more students, earn more money, and grow professionally by moving up our career ladder, from “Model” to “Lead” to “Master” Teacher—and eventually, if they are so inclined, into school administration positions.

SEN is also leading the implementation of Small Learning Communities (SLCs) to improve student academic and social/emotional outcomes. Our model assigns a cohort of staff to a specific grade or grade band of students, building one-year-at-a-time a clearly defined school culture which is modeled and embodied by all. As a result, small school communities are able to understand and meet the needs of each and every student. In 2015-2016, two SLC academies were launched in the district, and School Quality Review results already show evidence of new and much stronger school cultures, where clearer behavioral expectations have been established and are largely being met.

“SEN is helping us meet immediate leadership needs through high quality training and support. Their program participants and alumni spearhead important, positive changes in EAA schools and have immediate impacts on teachers and students. Moreover, SEN’s work is resulting in the creation of a long-term leadership pipeline that will ensure our children are the beneficiaries of talented school leaders for many years to come”

— Jack Elsey, Chief Schools Officer at the EAA


In 2016 School Empowerment Network received a grant from the Walton Family Foundation to launch our Charter School Intensive Development Program (CSIDP). CSIDP recruits, selects, and trains transformational educators to open high-performing New York City charter schools, offering students from underserved communities more quality school options that prepare them for success in college, careers, and the competitive world beyond.

Founding a new school through the Charter School Intensive Development Program provides a unique opportunity to implement a distinct vision for serving NYC’s students and families and offers an unparalleled educational leadership experience. Participants in the program will receive high level support from SEN’s experienced principal coaches and partner organizations. We provide our future leaders with three years of support – from the charter application through the end of the first year of operation –  to help develop a charter leadership and school pipeline that creates new high-quality options for NYC students and families.

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