El Paso Independent School District (EPISD): El Paso, TX

As part of a planning phase for the Texas Education Agency’s Transformation Zone Program, SEN is supporting EPISD to plan an Office of Transformation, which will serve as the driver of transformation work across the district. As part of this work, SEN is currently partnering with EPISD in the recruitment and selection of the first cohort of  Transformation Zone fellows; this select group will participate in a Leadership and Design Institute over the course of the 2018-2019 school year in preparation to launch three small learning communities on a persistently struggling campus in Fall 2019.

Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD): Fort Worth, Texas

As part of a planning phase for the Texas Education Agency’s Transformation Zone Program, SEN is supporting the district to build an Office of New Schools and create a pipeline of leaders and schools that will result in more high quality seats for the students of FWISD. 

UP Education Network: Boston, MA

SEN is working with the UP Network to implement a common curriculum across its six schools, codify an effective academic approach, and infuse school culture with restorative practices that will increase student ownership, decision-making, and independence. SEN also built a career ladder to develop teacher leaders and school leaders, who will rise into roles as Model Teachers, Dean Fellows, and Principal Fellows.


The Education Achievement Authority: Detroit, MI 

SEN launched a Leadership and Design Institute to recruit and prepare principals and leadership teams to revitalize Michigan’s most persistently failing schools through the launch of small learning communities. Participants were trained in generating reset moments to replace entrenched cultures of low expectations with effective structures and practices. SEN also established a career ladder to train outstanding teachers across the district to support school improvement efforts.

Nachitoches parish school board: Natchitoches, LA

In partnership with the parish of Natchitoches, Louisiana, SEN is leading the redesign and school reset of M.R. Weaver Elementary School, and working with the parish team on turnaround plans for additional schools. SEN is working to develop Instructional Leadership Teams, coach and support School Leaders, and implement a career ladder enabling parish teachers to become Teacher Leaders and Model Teachers.


Detroit Children’s Fund (DCF): Detroit, MI

DCF Team Fellows—SEN has targeted three schools on the cusp of strong performance and is working with their existing leadership teams to move their students’ growth from “good” to “great.” Teams attend monthly cohort sessions and receive on-site coaching that emphasizes key practices, including running effective Instructional Leadership Team meetings, implementing teacher observation and feedback cycles, and responding to student need through data-driven instruction cycles. 

DCF Leadership Institute (DCFLI)—SEN is partnering with DCF to recruit, develop, and place 16–24 turnaround principals over a 6-year period. Once DCFLI leaders have been matched with a site, they will have the opportunity to assemble leadership teams, members of which will receive one full semester of training and development. After leaders and teams have been placed, they will receive a year of on-site, role-specific coaching as they execute the first stages of their turnaround plans and lay the groundwork for sustainability.


Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership: Springfield, MA

SEN conducted a set of School Quality Reviews for the ten schools that belong to  Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnership.  As part of this work, SEN orients school leaders to the process, conducts reviews and writes individual school  reports, and generates an aggregate summary report of trends for zone leadership to inform future areas of support and focus for school communities.


Philadelphia Academy of School Leaders: Philadelphia, PA

Through a series of workshops for Neubauer Fellow Principals and Teacher Leader grantees, SEN trained potential future principals in best practices in school leadership.

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