School Empowerment Network’s mission is to foster equity by transforming struggling schools into thriving schools that enable each and every student to succeed.

Leveraging our experience launching 121 new schools in New York City, we achieve this by partnering with school systems to reset and redesign schools, recruit and develop new principals and leadership teams, establish teacher career ladders, and build district capacity to sustain the work.

Guiding Principles

Talent- and team-driven transformation

Attracting, developing, and retaining strong leaders and teachers­—and training them to become a coherent and effective team—are the keys to transformation and sustainability within a school or district.

Reset moments

To improve outcomes in a turnaround or transformation context, it is essential to create a space where schools can discard counterproductive approaches and allow effective practices and mindsets to take their place.

Instructional core as guiding focus

Improved teaching and learning outcomes are the ultimate goal of our work; we strengthen culture and structures in service of rigor, engagement, and high-quality student work across classrooms. 

Supportive school cultures

To help students feel cared for and position them for high achievement, we build culture systems that focus on relationships, personal responsibility, and the use of restorative practices. 


Sustainability requires a strong foundation. We’ve designed our leadership programs, pipelines, and career ladders within networks and districts with the goal of attracting, training, and retaining the talent in schools and central offices who can sustain the work over time.

Homegrown talent 

All schools and districts are home to talented educators who can thrive and lead under the right set of conditions. SEN recruits and develops the bulk of transformational leaders from within current district staff.