Mission and Core Values

School Empowerment Network (SEN) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underserved students gain access to top quality education by developing leadership teams and creating school reset opportunities.

Our goal is to help school districts establish home-grown and self-sustaining leadership pipelines

SEN believes that even historically struggling districts are home to talented educators who, when properly recognized, organized and developed, have great potential to lead transformative change in their schools. SEN employs a rigorous intra-district search process to identify educators with the competencies and mindsets that are prerequisites for success. Once the most promising individuals have been selected, SEN’s development programs provide direction and support to help them formulate and stay focused on their school leadership vision, and to maintain positive momentum in the face of the inevitable challenges they will encounter in their new roles.

SEN also works with districts to redesign school structures that maximize the impact new leaders have on their communities. SEN advocates for small schools, Small Learning Communities within schools, and/or the phase-in of a renewed school culture one grade or grade band at a time. Limiting the size of schools helps leaders dramatically raise the bar for quality and hold community members to higher standards.


our team

School Empowerment Network was founded by a team of experienced principals and operational leaders. Meet our team members.


our board

SEN’s board brings a breath of expertise in several sectors including education, technology and nonprofit management. Meet our board members.


We are fortunate to partner with visionary public entities and donors who share our passion and commitment to developing sustainable leadership pipelines to drive improve student outcomes.