New York City Charter Fellows

Meet our passionate and experienced educators dedicated to founding the next wave of high-quality charter school for New York City students. 


Nicia Fullwood - BELA Charter High School

Nicia Fullwood is a Texas native, but has lived in Brooklyn, NY for 12 years so one might say she is a New Yorker. Following her undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, she was selected to join Cohort 8 of the New York City Teaching Fellows as a mathematics teacher at Thomas Jefferson High School in East New York. Her commitment to improving educational outcomes for her students led her to Harvard Graduate School of Education where she received a Masters of Education in Educational Policy and Management. After graduation, she returned to NYC, where she was the founding Program Director for the Children’s Aid Society Carerra Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program at the Urban Assembly Institute of Math and Science for Young Women (UAI). During her tenure at the Urban Assembly (UA), Nicia also served as Assistant Principal at two UA schools—UAI and the Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice. Nicia is a BELA co-founder, which is opened in August 2017.


PRISCILLA WALTON - ELM COmmunity Charter School

Priscilla Walton is a relentless and deeply caring educator, seeking to serve students through a rich, holistic, and rigorous education.  Her dedication is driven by the belief that all children are empowered when their sense of wonder is ignited by engaging curriculum and their gifts and talents skillfully cultivated so they have what is needed to engage and explore the world around them.  ELM Charter School is a response to an educational system that inadequately prepares our students to become the civic leaders we wish them to be. ELM aims to nurture all students, especially those with global perspectives and multicultural heritage who can view issues through critical personal, relational, and systemic lenses.

Priscilla Walton has served as an educational leader in elementary and middle school settings.  She has designed and directed instructional programs at the K-4 and 5-6 grade levels, as well as professional development both on school-wide and network-wide levels.  Prior to her leadership roles, Priscilla served as a teacher in second through fourth grade in both district and charter schools. During her years involved with testing grades, Priscilla saw at least 96% of her students receive 3s and 4s on the math state exams and 92% receive 3s and 4s on the ELA exams for two consecutive years.



In 2007, after graduating from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Dominique joined Teach for America and became a corps member of the New York City region. She taught 6th and 8th grade English Language Arts and served as a Grade Team Leader at her placement school for three years, before joining KIPP’s TEAM Schools - Rise Academy to take on the position of teaching 8th grade Literature. In 2011, Dominique became a founding member of Baychester Middle School. During her tenure at Baychester, Dominique served as a General Education Mathematics Teacher, Teacher Leader, and Teacher Mentor. In 2016 she was selected as one of the 17 recipients of the Big Apple Award. Prior to her accepts in the Big Apple fellowship, Dominique was accepted into the Summer Principals Academy at Columbia to pursue a Masters in School Leadership. Dominique currently serves as an Instructional Coach/Peer Collaborative Teacher at One World Middle School where she works with colleagues to implement best practices through coaching and professional development. Dominique has committed her entire professional career to improving educational outcomes for her students in the Bronx.  

Jill Glassbrook

Jill Glassbrook is the proud parent to two kids, a certified teacher, has served as a school administrator for the past 8+ years, and has been a resident of NYC CSD 15 since June 2012.  Jill graduated from Indiana University – Bloomington with degrees in English and Gender Studies and went on to attend Seton Hall University where she received her master’s degree in Education – Curriculum Design and Technology.  Jill began her career in education as a preschool teacher, but quickly learned that her knack was usually with the older siblings of her students. After joining AmeriCorps to launch a wrap-around and mentoring program for teenagers incarcerated in Indiana’s Juvenile Department of Corrections Facilities, Jill joined Teach for America where she taught in Newark, New Jersey as a self-contained behavior disorders teacher for students in grades 4-6.  In this role Jill fell in love with Special Education services, and has committed herself to serving kids and families to receive the services they need.  As her passion for education progressed, she came to Brooklyn as the founding Director of Special Services and then Dean of Students at Achievement First Bushwick Middle School. Jill then joined PAVE Academy Charter School as the founding MS Principal and then became the founding Chief Curriculum Officer of PAVE Schools, a small Charter Management Organization based in Red Hook, Brooklyn.  Through her administration experiences Jill learned first-hand the importance of great and extensive professional development for her teams, and looks forward to continuing her work to develop educators as co-founder and Executive Director of Envision Preparatory Charter School. 



Gregory Rodriguez is a committed educator who has worked in Bronx schools for over twelve years, as a teacher of students with special needs and as an assistant principal. Most recently, Greg served as the founding assistant principal of Westchester Square Academy in the Bronx, where he worked to guide and support staff in the creation of a rigorous skills-based curriculum that emphasized frequent opportunities for students to read, write and speak about course content. He believes that this, coupled with a school culture that is nurturing and provides opportunities for reflection and growth, are key to student success. He is excited at the prospect of collaborating with teachers to found a new high school that provides students with proactive academic and socio-emotional supports.


Eva ostrum

An award-winning educator, Eva Ostrum has worked on behalf of students, teachers, and schools for more than 25 years. Ostrum graduated from Yale University in 1986 with a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies. She went on to earn a Master’s in Public Policy from the Harvard Kennedy School with a focus on Education, Health, and Human Services and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Boston University with a focus on social studies education.

Ostrum taught social studies and French at the high school level. In addition to leading Island Academy on Rikers Island, Ostrum served as a school leader in the Philadelphia area and elsewhere in New York City. Ostrum then moved on to the central office level in the NYC DOE for several years, before leaving her position to pursue a doctorate in Educational Psychology. She also spent a number of years working in higher education. Ostrum’s experience includes consulting to schools and to nonprofits, think tanks, and policy organizations that support schools. She has authored white papers for clients and in 2006, Penguin published Ostrum’s first book, The Thinking Parent’s Guide to College Admissions. She has also had pieces published in Education Week and Teacher Magazine.

Ostrum is currently teaching, conducting her dissertation research, and consulting on education policy and college admissions. She resides in New York City with her two daughters, ages 15 and 11.


jahkia sanders

Jahkia Sanders is an Instructional Consultant who works with teachers and principals to help them provide a robust socialemotional educational experience for children in underserved communities. Jahkia believes that every child deserves to be equipped with the tools and resources they need to be successful within the life and career path of their choice. It is the adults that are responsible for facilitating access and exposure to the opportunities that will promote and further enhance student experiences. With over 12 years of experience, Jahkia has supported several schools with creating school wide systems to support students with behavioral and academic concerns. She holds a M.A in Educational Leadership and a B.A in English Secondary Education. Born and Raised in Brooklyn, New York, there is nothing Jahkia is more passionate about than helping to cultivate leaders and trailblazers right here in her hometown.