Additional Supports

Maximize Impact with Aligned School Leadership Teams

School leaders are positioned for stronger impact when they have aligned leadership teams to help them drive the profound cultural and instructional changes needed for effective school transformation. SEN trains instructional leadership teams and provides school leaders with guidance on leading them effectively.

Train Classroom Teachers for Leadership and Retain Talent

Structures that enable educators to take on new roles can attract, recognize, reward, and retain effective and ambitious teachers. Career ladders can also serve as talent pipelines for filling out school leadership teams and developing future principals. SEN helps establish career ladder policies and structures; recruits and selects teachers; provides on-site coaching to teacher leaders, and creates structures for teachers to share best practices.

Support and Protect School Innovations at the System Level

Aligned supports and structure at the central office level help school leaders succeed. SEN helps school systems establish foundational policies regarding school assessment, governance, management, and performance expectations; lead critical processes for recruiting, developing, and supporting new school leaders; and train relevant central office staff.