SEN believes that even struggling districts are home to talented educators with great potential to lead transformative change.  We help school systems identify and develop their top performers and place them in redesigned school settings that enable maximum impact. 



Districts can grow their own high-performing school leaders by recognizing and cultivating the potential of talented early-career educators. By placing them in aligned leadership teams and gradually increasing their administrative responsibility as they move up the career ladder we put high-impact teachers on the path to becoming high-impact leaders.  SEN programs provide the coaching and support needed to help developing leaders navigate challenges and experience success on the path to the principalship.




SEN works with districts to redesign school structures and maximize the impact that new leaders can have on their communities.  We advocate for small schools, small learning communities within a school, and/or the phase-in of renewed school cultures one grade at a time.  Limiting the size of a school helps leaders dramatically raise the bar for quality and hold community members to renewed standards. Restructuring the organization of students and staff creates a reset moment in which a new school vision can be presented and old, ineffective habits can be discarded.



SEN works with district and school leaders to introduce renewed school cultures that emphasize positive relationships between students and staff, high expectations for academic performance, and whatever-it-takes attitudes in adults.  We promote a progressive approach to building school culture in which student perspective is valued, suspensions are minimized, and students are mentored to meet academic and behavioral expectations.